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Site Information, By Douglas A. Engel, President, GSI
PUZZLeaTOMictM is a Web Site for puzzles, games, and books produced by General Symmetrics, Inc.  All designs are are my own creations.  GSI uses a laser to produce most of my designs.  My main purpose in having a web site is to make a little cash to be able to continue designing new puzzles, etc.  Thus the site, at least at present, does not contemplate handling designs done by others, but we certainly will give full credit where it is due, and never will pirate anyone else's intellectual property.  Similarly we expect our intellectual property rights to be respected.
All designs are copyrighted designs, all rights reserved.  In case someone wants to publish a picture of a design, such as for a publication, or on the internet, provided GSI has been notified ahead of time, and approves, and is given credit in the respective publication, it is OK to do so, so long as it is not used any manner that can be construed as negative to the design, and is not being used in a negative manner, detrimental to GSI, or to any other persons or entities.  Any questions regarding intellectual property rights should be directed to Douglas A. Engel, President, GSI.
Some of the designs may already be licensed from GSI, and are being sold by others.  Generally, in this case, the designs shown on this website will be manufactureText Box: Copyright  by Douglas A. .Engel
            All Rights Reserved             
d differently and made of different materials and may have a different product name, size, shape and colorings.
Some of the designs are patented or patent pending.  Questions regarding licensing of  patented, or patent pending, and copyrighted designs should be directed to Douglas A. Engel, President, GSI, dengel99@aol.com. Mailing address is 9442 U.S. 85, Littleton, CO 80125
Phone 303-903-1826  or  303-791-7357
Privacy Policy
GSI does not sell lists of customer names and will not solicit customers, except for the normal search links provided by the web hosting service.  This web site is the only outlet for products made and sold by GSI, at the present time.
Product Naming Policy
The name of a product is subject to change without notice.
Product Change and Variation Policy
Products sold by GSI are subject to change without notice, so long as the the changes represent only minor changes or improvements in the product itself.  Colors and textures will vary, and in some cases colors may be different from those shown but the pattern will normally be the same.
Out of Stock Policy
GSI is primarily involved in design and invention, therefore manufacturing is fairly limited at present.  In case an item or items will require extra time to produce the buyer will be notified of the expected lead time and given the option to cancel the order.
Product Return Policy
GSI will only accept a return for refund if the product is returned within 6 weeks of receipt of the original order by GSI.  If a product is claimed to be defective you can opt for a replacement or a refund, however if GSI determines the product was made defective through misuse, then no refund or replacement will be provided.
GSI was created in the early 80's to allow development of my first puzzle patent, a deep cut circle puzzle. 
This puzzle was licensed to Go Images(R) and later licensed to Binary Arts(R), now known as Think Fun(R).  Puzzles are a secondary motivation that came about from early exposure to Martin Gardner's writings, probably the best recreational mathematics writer who ever lived, and from a math professor, the late Everett Marshall, who was crippled from birth but always a fountain of enthusiasm.  He would demonstrate a clever puzzle to the class from time to time, hooking me further into the fold.  I have always been interested in math, science and art.  Sometimes one field takes over to the detriment of the others.  Puzzles work well for me, being a kind of mathematical art. The problem with math and physics is that these fields have become so complex that one must become a specialist in one corner of a discipline and is left wondering how the rest of the discipline works, it being a kind of ongoing mystery.  Thus we have  arrived at a place where the mathematics and physics that explain things seem to be more mysterious than the things they explain.   Just as humans have found that they are but an infinitesimal, ignored speck in space and time, they may also find that science and technology becomes too complex and they eventually lose control of it.  Of course we continue to invent, discover and create and we feel that science does not complicate, it simplifies. 
Any puzzle is a simple thing that we can enjoy and have complete understanding of.  Or is it?  There are simple puzzles in math that are not understood to this day. Witness Goldbach's conjecture.  One of my puzzles, the Atomihedron has been a challenge to understand mathematically.  If taken to infinity it generates all possible knots, and links of certain kinds, and perhaps, of all kinds.  In future I hope to be able to understand more about it, it is so beautiful yet intractable at the same time.  I know that with the power of the internet I am up against a lot of competition, so my designs have to be good.   It just seems incredible to be able to do business by such an amazing and efficient method as this wonderful internet.  Multitudes of people are putting the internet to good use these days.  So, hopefully some of my designs will inspire people to think, imagine, and create, for there is yet an infinity of things to do.