These puzzles were all produced in metal by Bits and Pieces.  They continue to sell several of them.  Puzzle Master in Canada also sells some of them as a Bits and Pieces customer.  Eureka sells some of them in the EU.  Puzzleatomic has some of these in wood.


 Mini Box Puzzle with large metal             Brass Pyramid Puzzle metal 2011              Yin and Yang Puzzle also known           Thumbwars Puzzle 2005 metal
hinge 1992-93                                        First called PYrEyeMid ,                           cast As Monad, 1995. Metal 2004
                                                               urethane 1997 and an IPP exchange          An IPP exchange puzzle.

Two Fishes Puzzle 2005 metal              Hidden Scroll Puzzle 2005 metal          Butterfly Puzzle 2006 metal                         Fish Hooked Puzzle 2006 metal

Secret Heart Puzzle metal 2008              Great Collision Puzzle 2008 metal         Trinity Infinity Puzzle 2009 metal            Threebus Moebius  2009 metal Also also called Secrets of the Heart

Knot Simple Puzzle 2010 metal      EZ Atom Puzzle 2010 metal              Tetrametric Puzzle 2005-2009 metal            Keltic Cube Puzzle 2007-2012 metal

EZ Unlink Puzzle 2011 metal              EZ Galaxy Puzzle 2011 metal                        EZ-1 Puzzle metal 2014