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Gyro-PlaniPhone Disco(tm) or GPPD is a new device that can make different sounds and musical beats.  Lots of other applications exist and it is quite a puzzle to figure out how it works.  GPPD consists of a top disk with a removable spindle and a spinner stand .  It has a control ring to spin it in Forced Reverse Precession or FRP.  When precessing with FRP you can control its sound in several ways and produce very nice beats you could probably dance to.

Gyro-PlaniPhone Disco(tm)(patent pending) Not for sale but please inquire if interested in the physics. 


Here is a GPPD system video showing the control ring with ring inside against the spindle and causing the spindle to orbit inside the ring.  This illustrates repulsion from the vertical and can also be called Forced Reverse Precession or FRP.  FRP has the  spindle always rotating in the opposite direction of the spinning top or gyro.  Natural precession or NP has the  spindle always rotating in the same direction as the spinning top or gyro.  FRP happens instantly as soon as the spindle touches the inside of the ring the direction of precession reverses and no loss of momentum in incurred.  It is caused by the momentum vectors of the top naturally putting force against the ring radial outward from the center of the ring thus undergoing forced reverse precession.  This FRP also causes the oscillating disk(s) to oscillate much more vigorously than under NP.  With this Gyro Spinner it is so vigorous it can make a loose flat disk lying on the  surface of the top disk rise up off the surface of the top as rotation speed increases.  Under NP this never happens.

Note that you can control the sound making it go silent by simply not tilting as much.  You can control the beat in several different ways, and get better with practice

Contains small parts not suitable for children under 6 years of age)