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Games 1 page.  Scroll down for more games.  All games Copyright 2016-2017

Mix'n Match Colors'n Sounds GAME (free to play and experience this new game)

CLICK to play the Mix'n Match color permutation game, with optional sound.  Play a 3x3 three color game to a 5X5 five color game.  Hours of color fun!!  Auto solve feature.Mix'n Match Game Copyright 2016 by Douglas A. Engel, All rights reserved.  Scoring, implementation of sound and graphics by Troy Black.  Game subject to change at discretion of the authors.  Address comments to dengel99@aol.comCopyright 2016 by Douglas A. Engel


                                         Mix'n Match 

Four new games.  All except the memory game use reversing or permuting symbols.  Copyright 2016 by Doug Engel and Troy Black.

   GOPHER COVER         

         Reverse Three               Gopher Cover                   MemoryX                       Poker Plus                      RotateX

New 4x4 Space Numbers Game.  It uses the idea of number as pattern instead of quantity.  Each pattern has zero's in the white squares and 2^x in the colored squares.  The 4 squares can be thought of as stacked up into one square with the numbers in each stack of 4 squares added together to make the pattern at lower left.  You need to move the 4 patterns until you match the lower left number pattern with the number pattern at upper left.  Hint: 2^0 pattern shows location of odd numbers, 2^3 pattern shows location of numbers greater than 7.  Improves mental, pattern, math, set, intersection, logic.



New 8x8 Space Numbers game.  This can be tricky to solve.  You should play the 4x4 game before playing this game.  Hint: 2^0 pattern shows location of odd numbers, 2^5 pattern shows location of numbers greater than 31.  It is great fun and a little addictive.  You could possibly develop an instinct for how the patterns must be positioned.


Star of Color game has buttons that when clicked rotate a group of 4 triangles.  It is solved when it matches the solution pattern at the left.  It is a fairly easy game meant to provide relaxation and a feeling of completeness more that excitement and competition.