Engle Celtic Curves
   -----Control Factor Properties-----

       x=  → 

       y=  ↓ 

Skip Points  
Max Grid Size   m,n Max 20,20

  ---Draw With Flip and Rotation---
  CF Factor Flip   Vert Horz
Rotated CF Flip   Vert Horz
  Rotate With mod   

    ---Factor Information---
  [m*n]^2=      Lines=   
   %/Grid=      Circuits=   

-----Draw Options-----

  ,     Curser Pos x,y

---Color Options---
Random-Single Color

Or Alternate Colors
Blk Lt Gry Gray Dk Gry
Red Grn Blue Ylw
Org Brn Vlt White

---Draw With---
Line Circle Rect
1/4 Arc 1/2 Arc 3/4 Arc
---Arc Options---
Arc Ends Points pix  
Arc W\Cords.

---Line and Fill---
Line Size-pix
Fill Object

   Saved CF(s)