Dragon Daddy is available for licensing.
Price is $15.00 plus shipping laser cut from 1/4" baltic birch, (about 5.5" x 5.5")
Here is the plan to make a Dragon Daddy.  You could make your own using a scroll saw or cut from corrugated board with an xacto knife.  If you make your own you cannot sell one or more but only make one for your own personal use.
Well over 200 solutions are known.  The total number possible is not known.
A solution can be given by the clockwise listing of the marked pieces.  The plan solution shown has solution 123456.  Since all solutions start with the head looking right the D does not have to be listed.  Also the last piece can be omitted since it can only fit in one way.  If a piece is turned over in the solution it is underlined to show it is the mirror image.  Thus 1234567D would be this dragon in mirror image.
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